Monthly Archives: March 2013

InfoPath and Nintex

Lazy approval with Nintex Workflow

Today, I want to talk about very useful feature provided by SharePoint workflows called ‘Lazy Approval’. This feature allows you to get input from approvers or users via email. Approver can ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ requests without logging to the sharepoint site. It also enables users to fill form and submit data into SharePoint list through email. To see Lazy […]

InfoPath and Nintex

Map InfoPath people Picker to Sharepoint People Picker

Actuallly, we can’t map Infopath people picker field to Sharepoint people picker field directly using InfoPath designer. There is a need to play a little trick here. I created this one stop solution by reffering to different blogs/articles on internet but no article had the complete solution. Solution will be a combination of InfoPath and Nintex […]