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Claim Based Authentication

Configure SharePoint Web Application to use third party identity provider

To configure your web application to use 3rd party identity provider, it is very important that you get ALL the correct X.509 certificates that is issued by Third Party Identity Provider(TPIP). These certificates establish the trust between third party identity provider and SharePoint farm. I will soon publish another blog that will provide end to end solution to develope […]

Sharepoint Administration

Configure SharePoint site collection for Content Management System

For a site collection to be used as a content management system, it needs to be accesible in two different modes (or more appropriately called zones). Zone one (Default zone) will only allow company’s internal users such as content authors, publishers and approvers to login and create content, publish and approve it. Zone two (Internet zone) will allow public access […]

SharePoint Developement

How to Add XsltListView webpart to sharepoint publishing page

 In your publishing page, add below mentioned XML with these replacements – Replace,  ListDisplayName – name of your sharepoint List  Title – Title of your webpart ID – Generate a unique and add to it. ID attribute in <View> element should have unique ID. In <ViewFields> collection, add the viewfields as per your requirement. Add your […]

SharePoint Developement

Create a custom list view with custom xsl in SharePoint 2010

To create a custom view with custom xsl, copy and paste the code below under <Views> element in your list schema with following changes – 1) Replace text under square brackets with your text. In the case of ‘BaseViewID’, make sure it’s not same as any other view in the list. 2) Make sure your […]

SharePoint Developement

Custom xsl to generate raw xml of any list view in Sharepoint 2010

While working on Lists and document libraries in sharepoint, it is very likely to come across list related issues. One suhc issue can be that you have configured list view webpart to use custom xsl but on the published page, custom xsl is not rendering correctly. One of the possible approaches to correct these kind of  issues […]