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SharePoint Developement

Quote of the day SharePoint webpart

Just another utility to have in your arsenal but very useful and very commonly asked by some customers. Pretty trivial to develope however only part that needs a bit of thinking is how to randomly generate a quote on a daily basis. To begin, Create a sharepoint list that looks something like this – Title (Single Text) Quote (Multiple […]

SharePoint Developement

Reporting on Social feeds in MySites using SharePoint 2013 .Net Client Object Model

Recently, I was part of an exercise where we had to setup and implement SharePoint 2013 mysites in an organization. Going forward, we thought it would be very handy to have a summarized data on all the posts such as – Total number of Posts posted in a week Most Liked User last week Top replier last week Top Poster last week. […]

SharePoint Developement

Schedule a Nintex workflow using Nintex Actions

In this post I will explain how we can Schedule a workflow using Nintex actions. Let’s create a Nintex workflow which will use workflow actions to schedule a workflow named ‘Fetch Project server Details’ Step-1 Get the Workflow ‘Start From’ Date and Time To schedule a workflow, we need to get ‘Start From’ Time of Workflow. So, […]

SharePoint Developement

Add links to Create new document and edit existing document in document library using javascript

Link to Create new document in document library using documenttemplate of content type docUrl = “CoreInvoke(‘createNewDocumentWithRedirect2’,event,’”http:\\serverurl\sites\sitename\u002fDocuments\u002fForms\u002f” + contentTypeName + “\u002f” + docTemplateName + “‘, ‘http:\\serverurl\sites\sitename\u002fDocuments’, ‘SharePoint.OpenDocuments’, false, ‘http:\\serverurl\sites\sitename\u002f_layouts\u002fCreateNewDocument.aspx?id=http:\\serverurl\sites\sitename\u002fDocuments\u002fForms\u002f” + contentTypeName + “\u002f” + docTemplateName + “‘, true, 1); return false;”; In the above line, ‘contentTypeName’ and ‘docTemplateName’ variables are used, get their values using Javascript […]

InfoPath and Nintex

Publish a Nintex Workflow dynamically using Nintex workflow actions

Today, we will see how we can publish a Nintex workflow dynamically through Nintex actions. Briefly summarizing, we will create a Nintex workflow(a publisher) which will use workflow actions to publish a workflow(let’s call it ‘Project Details’). Step 1 – Store the ‘Project Details’ workflow in Document Library To begin, add the workflow, that needs to be published, in a […]