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SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 – Isolated App domain setup issues – Make sure the web address is correct.

Today, I will talk about this weird issue which users get when they click on an app installed in SharePoint site- “Make sure the web address is correct.” My client installed couple of apps from Office store which can be seen under ‘All site contents’ but when they click on any of the app they were welcomed with the page with the […]

SharePoint Developement

SharePoint User Information List is not updating

When a user hits this site collection, they will automatically get a profile entry in this list. Ok, great. But you have profile properties in two places now, the site collection(s) and the User Profile Service Application; how are you supposed to keep them in sync? As it turns out, SharePoint thought of that and […]

SharePoint 2013

Users not able to Save and Checkin Pages in SharePoint ‘Pages’ library

While working for one of our clients, I found that users are not able to save and checkin pages in ‘Pages’ library though they could Checkout page without any problem. By looking at the error logs based, I found this – Actual Error in LOG File: System.ArgumentException: Invalid SPListItem. The SPListItem provided is not compatible with a Publishing […]

Sharepoint Administration

How to troubleshoot memory related issues

In this post I wil how to troubleshoot high CPU usage issues caused by w3wp.exe. Recently, I received a call from Client about the high CPU usage by w3wp.exe. w3wp.exe was consuming 90% of CPU usage. After bit of a research, I came to know that to troubleshoot these kind of issues we need to take a memory dump of the […]


Powershell to start workflow on SharePoint list

Recently, I had to write the powershell script to start the workflow on SharePoint list items. This was proposed a workaround for the problem when items added by the anonymous users was not triggering the workflow sometimes. I proposed to run this powershell to start workflow items on which workflow is not started and scheduled this […]


Unable to preview Nintex workflow

I exported a site workflow and imported in the same site. Made changes to it such as added some new actions and disabled few existing actions. I could successfully save and publish it by giving it a different name than the one which was exported. However, to run this site workflow when i went to ‘Site […]

SharePoint Developement

Unable to open document library in explorer view

While working for some client, I came across this issue with a document library which has more than 20000 documents in it. It was working before but suddenly one day user reported the error shown below while opening document library in windows explorer view – \\sitecollection\DavWWWRoot\subsite\documentlibrary is not accessible. You might not have permissions to […]


Update Managed-Metadata fields using Nintex workflow

In this post, I will explain how a managed metadata field can be updated using Nintex workflow. At first glance, it looked pretty straightforward to me to update it by using ‘Update an item” nintex action but its not the case. If you use “update an item” action then you willn’t get any error but […]

SharePoint 2013

Issue while adding Content editor or Html form webpart in SharePoint 2013 WebPart Pages

Befor we talk about issue while adding Content editor or HTML form webpart in SharePoint 2013 Webpart page, I would like to first explain how to add webpart page to the sharepoint 2013! Beware that it’s little trickier than adding the same in SharePoint 2010. Creating a WebPart page should be fairly easy but it […]