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Create Client Side webpart using SPFX framework

By this time, you must have heard about the new SharePoint Client side framework (SPFX). Briefly describing, this framework allows you to create client side web parts that can be deployed to tenants in SharePoint online or SharePoint 2013 on-premise and can be added to both classic and new modern SharePoint pages. For detailed information […]

Create Master-Detail SSRS report from 2 SharePoint Lists using Report Builder

In this post, I will explain two different approaches to create SSRS report to display data from 2 SharePoint lists. Creating similar report from two tables in SQL database may not be very tricky as one can write a SQL query that fetches relational data from two tables which can be consumed in a single […]

Create and apply a Custom theme in SharePoint

In this post, I will give you a walkthrough about how one can create a custom theme in SharePoint. This is applicable to all SharePoint versions except SharePoint 2007. Before we jump in, it would be nice if you know about couple of locations/libraries where existing themes are stored and referred. Theme document library – […]

How to Create and apply filter using multi-value parameter in a SSRS report using Report Builder

In this post, I will explain how we can create a multi-value filter and apply it on SharePoint list using Report Builder. Before we start just have a look at the SharePoint list first. This list contains school applications received from different countries for different schools. Our target is to create a report that should […]

How to display SharePoint List in another Site

In this post, I will explain how we can display SharePoint list in another SharePoint site in the same site collection without reinventing the whole wheel. Briefly summarizing the steps first – Open the source site in SharePoint Designer and export one of the views from the source SharePoint list Modify the exported file and […]

How to create and customize Pie Chart using SSRS Report builder in SharePoint

In this post, we will create a Pie Chart that will display report from the SharePoint list. It shows the number of applications received for different schools. Something like this –  Create a ‘Reports’ document library in SharePoint site using ‘Report Library’ List template. Go to “List settings”, click on ‘Add from existing site content […]

Create a custom action on SharePoint list items using javascript client object model

In this post, I will explain how we can create a custom action on SharePoint list items using EcmaScript or javascript CSOM as shown below. To put this in a perspective, let us consider a scenario – there is a Custom list in SharePoint that keeps track of the SharePoint site creation requests. Each request […]

How to package and install the SharePoint hosted add-in to the live site

This post is part 3 of series “Create and deploy SharePoint Hosted add-ins”. Before reading this article, you may need to visit – Part 1 – How to setup development environment to create SharePoint-hosted add-ins Part 2 – Create a SharePoint hosted add-in In this post, I will explain how to package and install SharePoint-hosted […]

Create a SharePoint hosted add-in

This post is part 2 of series “Create and deploy SharePoint Hosted add-ins”. Before reading this article, you may need to visit How to setup development environment to create SharePoint-hosted add-ins In this post, I will give you a walkthrough about how to create a SharePoint hosted add-in and deploy it to developer site created […]

Create and deploy SharePoint Hosted Add-ins to SharePoint online

As there are different areas to target while creating SharePoint-hosted add-ins(formerly known as apps) such as setting up your development environment, creating an add-in and then packaging and Installing it, I have decided to create a series of 3 episodes. Part 1 – Setting up development environment to create SharePoint-hosted add-ins Part 2 – How […]

Configure to Search only in a specific list or document library in SharePoint 2013

While working for different clients,  I have found that the most common requirements of all by the customers is to enable users to search only in a particular SharePoint List or document library. In this blog, I will show how you can setup your result source to target a specific list or document library. However, […]

Create a cascading dropdowns using SharePoint REST API

In this post, I will explain how to create a cascading drop down in SharePoint using its REST API. There are some other options available too for the same but they have some kind of limitations. One solution that comes up very often is to use JQuery utility known as SPServices, for details on how […]

SharePoint User Information List is not updating

When a user hits this site collection, they will automatically get a profile entry in this list. Ok, great. But you have profile properties in two places now, the site collection(s) and the User Profile Service Application; how are you supposed to keep them in sync? As it turns out, SharePoint thought of that and […]

Users not able to Save and Checkin Pages in SharePoint ‘Pages’ library

While working for one of our clients, I found that users are not able to save and checkin pages in ‘Pages’ library though they could Checkout page without any problem. By looking at the error logs based, I found this – Actual Error in LOG File: System.ArgumentException: Invalid SPListItem. The SPListItem provided is not compatible with a Publishing […]

How to troubleshoot memory related issues

In this post I wil how to troubleshoot high CPU usage issues caused by w3wp.exe. Recently, I received a call from Client about the high CPU usage by w3wp.exe. w3wp.exe was consuming 90% of CPU usage. After bit of a research, I came to know that to troubleshoot these kind of issues we need to take a memory dump of the […]

Unable to open document library in explorer view

While working for some client, I came across this issue with a document library which has more than 20000 documents in it. It was working before but suddenly one day user reported the error shown below while opening document library in windows explorer view – \\sitecollection\DavWWWRoot\subsite\documentlibrary is not accessible. You might not have permissions to […]

Update Managed-Metadata fields using Nintex workflow

In this post, I will explain how a managed metadata field can be updated using Nintex workflow. At first glance, it looked pretty straightforward to me to update it by using ‘Update an item” nintex action but its not the case. If you use “update an item” action then you willn’t get any error but […]

Integrate Twitter with SharePoint

In this post I will explain different approaches that can be used to display Twitter feeds in SharePoint. Using Twitter embed code This approach is based on getting twitter embed code of twitter widget from twitter and using that code in SharePoint Content Editor WebPart or Html Form webpart. Step 1 Create a User widget in […]

Integrate Facebook in SharePoint

Displaying company Facebook page in SharePoint public facing sites can be a game changer for businesses. Below are the approaches that explains how this can be done. Approach 1 – Using Facebook widget Facebook provides a widget which gives you a code that can be used inside an IFrame to display any Facebook page on […]


Basically, TypeScript is a superset of javascript. Apart from being a typed scripting language, it let’s me write javascript like C#. It comes with a compiler that compiles typescript code to javascript code. Create classes, interfaces, namespaces (called modules), Generics bit like C# and has in-built support for NodeJS (by support, I mean intellisense, syntax check etc.) […]