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How to enable CSS3 styles to apply on old IE browsers (IE6-IE8)

CSS Level 3 brings with it some incredibly powerful styling features. Rounded corners, soft drop shadows, gradient fills, and so on. Without these features, styling these elements are difficult, time consuming and involves complex sprite images. But the irony for old browsers (IE6-IE8), which are still used in most of the companies, is that they are […]

How to create a Custom Search Results page in SharePoint

There are times when you feel the need to have a custom search results page especially when you want to include extra fields from list/document libraries in your search results which are not included by default. Search results with custom look and feel can be the other possible reason. Sharepoint provides many Out-of-the-box search webparts. […]

Set default scope for Advanced Search Webpart

In this article, I will explain how you can set the default search scope of Advanced Search Webpart. By default, advanced search webpart searches content based on ‘All Sites’ search scope which is usually scoped to multiple site collections. I personally feel it’s not a good idea to have your (advanced) search webpart configured to […]

How to connect SharePoint Filter WebParts with Custom webpart

This post explains how to enable your custom webpart to read selected values from SharePoint’s Out-of-the-box filter webparts such as Choice filter, List filter etc. Real life scenario can be that there is a custom webpart that displays SharePoint list data (with much better look and feel than OOB ListView webpart) and want to filter the list items based on the […]

Quote of the day SharePoint webpart

Just another utility to have in your arsenal but very useful and very commonly asked by some customers. Pretty trivial to develope however only part that needs a bit of thinking is how to randomly generate a quote on a daily basis. To begin, Create a sharepoint list that looks something like this – Title (Single Text) Quote (Multiple […]

Reporting on Social feeds in MySites using SharePoint 2013 .Net Client Object Model

Recently, I was part of an exercise where we had to setup and implement SharePoint 2013 mysites in an organization. Going forward, we thought it would be very handy to have a summarized data on all the posts such as – Total number of Posts posted in a week Most Liked User last week Top replier last week Top Poster last week. […]

Schedule a Nintex workflow using Nintex Actions

In this post I will explain how we can Schedule a workflow using Nintex actions. Let’s create a Nintex workflow which will use workflow actions to schedule a workflow named ‘Fetch Project server Details’ Step-1 Get the Workflow ‘Start From’ Date and Time To schedule a workflow, we need to get ‘Start From’ Time of Workflow. So, […]

Add links to Create new document and edit existing document in document library using javascript

Link to Create new document in document library using documenttemplate of content type docUrl = “CoreInvoke(‘createNewDocumentWithRedirect2’,event,’”http:\\serverurl\sites\sitename\u002fDocuments\u002fForms\u002f” + contentTypeName + “\u002f” + docTemplateName + “‘, ‘http:\\serverurl\sites\sitename\u002fDocuments’, ‘SharePoint.OpenDocuments’, false, ‘http:\\serverurl\sites\sitename\u002f_layouts\u002fCreateNewDocument.aspx?id=http:\\serverurl\sites\sitename\u002fDocuments\u002fForms\u002f” + contentTypeName + “\u002f” + docTemplateName + “‘, true, 1); return false;”; In the above line, ‘contentTypeName’ and ‘docTemplateName’ variables are used, get their values using Javascript […]

Publish a Nintex Workflow dynamically using Nintex workflow actions

Today, we will see how we can publish a Nintex workflow dynamically through Nintex actions. Briefly summarizing, we will create a Nintex workflow(a publisher) which will use workflow actions to publish a workflow(let’s call it ‘Project Details’). Step 1 – Store the ‘Project Details’ workflow in Document Library To begin, add the workflow, that needs to be published, in a […]

Add a Spell checker in infopath form

SharePoint has a spell checking web service which can be viewed at “_vti_bin/SpellCheck.asmx” and can be used to check spelling errors. So, to enable spell check in Infopath form, we can use this webservice. Basically, in your New or EditForm.aspx, add either content editor webpart or Html Form webpart with this code that calls this […]

Client Side validation in SharePoint New and Edit forms using PreSaveAction() and Javascript Client Object model

It’s very common to validate data before adding or editing item using sharepoint list forms i.e. Newform.aspx and Editform.aspx. To handle this kind of scenario “PreSaveAction()” javascript function can be very handy. The default ‘Save’ button in SharePoint calls this function before it does anything else. Simply place a Content Editor Webpart in NewForm.aspx or EditForm.aspx. Inside […]

Nintex – Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: vti_privatelistexempt” key being added

You may come across this error while publishing WF created using Nintex. Most likely, You exported your workflow from one environment and importing it into a site in another environment. You cold import and save it successfully but when you try to publish, you get – “Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: vti_privatelistexempt” […]

Make Sharepoint fields ReadOnly in List Forms using Javascript

Add Content Editor Web Part in any of your New or edit list form. Add javascript code shown below in any text file and add it some document library in your SharePoint site. In SetReadOnly method, pass html field type (input,textarea etc) as first argument and field Display name as second argument. Modify Content Editor […]

Configure SharePoint Web Application to use third party identity provider

To configure your web application to use 3rd party identity provider, it is very important that you get ALL the correct X.509 certificates that is issued by Third Party Identity Provider(TPIP). These certificates establish the trust between third party identity provider and SharePoint farm. I will soon publish another blog that will provide end to end solution to develope […]

How to Add XsltListView webpart to sharepoint publishing page

 In your publishing page, add below mentioned XML with these replacements – Replace,  ListDisplayName – name of your sharepoint List  Title – Title of your webpart ID – Generate a unique and add to it. ID attribute in <View> element should have unique ID. In <ViewFields> collection, add the viewfields as per your requirement. Add your […]

Create a custom list view with custom xsl in SharePoint 2010

To create a custom view with custom xsl, copy and paste the code below under <Views> element in your list schema with following changes – 1) Replace text under square brackets with your text. In the case of ‘BaseViewID’, make sure it’s not same as any other view in the list. 2) Make sure your […]

Custom xsl to generate raw xml of any list view in Sharepoint 2010

While working on Lists and document libraries in sharepoint, it is very likely to come across list related issues. One suhc issue can be that you have configured list view webpart to use custom xsl but on the published page, custom xsl is not rendering correctly. One of the possible approaches to correct these kind of  issues […]

How to check if User Account is disabled in Active Directory from SharePoint using Nintex

Let’s jump straight in. It’s pretty straightforward to check if User Accout is disabled/enabled in Active Directory from sharepoint using Nintex.  For this demo, just create a sharepoint list and  simply manually add emailIds of users from AD in it. You can also write a server code to copy users from AD into SP list which […]

Lazy approval with Nintex Workflow

Today, I want to talk about very useful feature provided by SharePoint workflows called ‘Lazy Approval’. This feature allows you to get input from approvers or users via email. Approver can ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ requests without logging to the sharepoint site. It also enables users to fill form and submit data into SharePoint list through email. To see Lazy […]

Map InfoPath people Picker to Sharepoint People Picker

Actuallly, we can’t map Infopath people picker field to Sharepoint people picker field directly using InfoPath designer. There is a need to play a little trick here. I created this one stop solution by reffering to different blogs/articles on internet but no article had the complete solution. Solution will be a combination of InfoPath and Nintex […]