Integrate Facebook in SharePoint

Displaying company Facebook page in SharePoint public facing sites can be a game changer for businesses. Below are the approaches that explains how this can be done.

Approach 1 – Using Facebook widget

Facebook provides a widget which gives you a code that can be used inside an IFrame to display any Facebook page on any web including SharePoint. This can be very useful widget for businesses to display their company Facebook page on their SharePoint sites.
Step 1 Get the code from facebook widget
1) Navigate to
2) Paste the URL of Facebook page in a textbox labelled ‘Facebook page url’.
3) Choose the height, width and colour scheme, if needed.
4) Click on ‘Get Code’ button.
5) Click on ‘IFRAME’ tab and copy the code under it. Paste it in a new Html file.
Step 2 Add IFrame in Content Editor Webpart
6) Upload the html file, which was created in above step, in ‘Site Assets’ document library.
7) Edit and add the content editor webpart to the SharePoint page where facebook page needs to be displayed
8) Edit the webpart and add a link to the html file.
9) Save the page and done!!

Approach 2 – Use Free code solution – It’s a free custom code based open source solution that allows you to show your face book wall on SharePoint portal.
Limitation – It works only on SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007.

Approach 3 – Use Social Apps in SharePoint online

SharePoint online public facing websites can use ‘Facebook Integration’ social app. This provides many Facebook plugins that can be used.
Steps to add Facebook plugin to website
1. Navigate to the web page for which you want to add a Facebook plugin.
2. Click the Page tab, and then in the Edit group, click Edit.
3. Place your cursor on the page where you want the Facebook plugin to appear.
4. Click the Insert tab, under Parts click Social Plugins, and then do one of the following:
5. If the Facebook plugins have not been added to your site, you are taken to the SharePoint Store. Do the following –

  • Under Categories, click Public-facing Websites, locate the Facebook plugins app, and then click Add It.
  • Log in with your Microsoft Account (such as, and then confirm the download operation. For more information about Microsoft Accounts, see Add an app from the SharePoint Store.
  • In the Do you Trust Facebook Integration dialog box, click Trust It. To work properly, the Facebook plugins require additional permissions to site resources.
  • On the Site Contents page, click the Facebook plugins tile (Facebook Integration).
    TIP Click the ellipsis … for more commands, including this help information.
  • To activate the Facebook app, click Enable corresponding to Facebook Social Integration Addin.
  • Repeat steps 1 through 4 at the beginning of the procedure.

6. Under Parts, select the plugin, and then under About the Parts click Add.
If you do not see a plugin, you may need to enable it. For more information, see Enable or disable the Facebook plugins.
7. To customize the plugin, click Edit Snippet at the bottom of the frame. For more information, see the section customizing the Facebook plugin styles.
8. When finished editing the web page, click Save or Save and Publish.

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