Issue while adding Content editor or Html form webpart in SharePoint 2013 WebPart Pages

Befor we talk about issue while adding Content editor or HTML form webpart in SharePoint 2013 Webpart page, I would like to first explain how to add webpart page to the sharepoint 2013! Beware that it’s little trickier than adding the same in SharePoint 2010. Creating a WebPart page should be fairly easy but it took me about 10 minutes to find the create webpart page option. So here is the big secret.

To create a webpart page Navigate to the app called “Site Pages” or simply pages library. Click on “Files tab” in the Ribbon and then “New document -> Web Part Page”. This option does not come up from “new wiki page” option.


Now, when you add any Content editor webpart and save the html content in IE10 or IE11 which are the most likely browsers you will be using to add and edit pages, you will be welcomed with these errors –


While saving the Source Editor throws “Cannot retrieve properties at this time ” like this

and while saving the web part it throws this error “Cannot save your changes”.



Solution :

  • This is the issue with the browser version you are using, I got this error with IE10 and IE11. In IE11 developer tool, I then went to the simulated tab and changed it to run as IE8. Also, I had to change the document mode to IE8.


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