Reporting on Social feeds in MySites using SharePoint 2013 .Net Client Object Model

Recently, I was part of an exercise where we had to setup and implement SharePoint 2013 mysites in an organization. Going forward, we thought it would be very handy to have a summarized data on all the posts such as –

Total number of Posts posted in a week
Most Liked User last week
Top replier last week
Top Poster last week.

This is easily achievable by using SharePoint 2013 .Net Client Object model that works with Social feeds. So, I created this console application that uses CSOM to get these stats. This application calculates and displays these statistics in the console. The output should look something like this –

Download the code from here – MySitesReporting


To take it to next level, one can use this API to get raw data such as all the posts, likes and replies on them and write it to some csv file. Once we have all this information in excel we can use excel features to pivot in this data.

Reference –

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