Create Client Side webpart using SPFX framework

By this time, you must have heard about the new SharePoint Client side framework (SPFX). Briefly describing, this framework allows you to create client side web parts that can be deployed to tenants in SharePoint online or SharePoint 2013 on-premise and can be added to both classic and new modern SharePoint pages. For detailed information […]

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How to display SharePoint List in another Site

In this post, I will explain how we can display SharePoint list in another SharePoint site in the same site collection without reinventing the whole wheel. Briefly summarizing the steps first – Open the source site in SharePoint Designer and export one of the views from the source SharePoint list Modify the exported file and […]

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How to create and customize Pie Chart using SSRS Report builder in SharePoint

In this post, we will create a Pie Chart that will display report from the SharePoint list. It shows the number of applications received for different schools. Something like this –  Create a ‘Reports’ document library in SharePoint site using ‘Report Library’ List template. Go to “List settings”, click on ‘Add from existing site content […]

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Create a custom action on SharePoint list items using javascript client object model

In this post, I will explain how we can create a custom action on SharePoint list items using EcmaScript or javascript CSOM as shown below. To put this in a perspective, let us consider a scenario – there is a Custom list in SharePoint that keeps track of the SharePoint site creation requests. Each request […]

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How to package and install the SharePoint hosted add-in to the live site

This post is part 3 of series “Create and deploy SharePoint Hosted add-ins”. Before reading this article, you may need to visit – Part 1 – How to setup development environment to create SharePoint-hosted add-ins Part 2 – Create a SharePoint hosted add-in In this post, I will explain how to package and install SharePoint-hosted […]