Configure to Search only in a specific list or document library in SharePoint 2013

While working for different clients,  I have found that the most common requirements of all by the customers is to enable users to search only in a particular SharePoint List or document library. In this blog, I will show how you can setup your result source to target a specific list or document library. However, […]

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SharePoint 2013

Users not able to Save and Checkin Pages in SharePoint ‘Pages’ library

While working for one of our clients, I found that users are not able to save and checkin pages in ‘Pages’ library though they could Checkout page without any problem. By looking at the error logs based, I found this – Actual Error in LOG File: System.ArgumentException: Invalid SPListItem. The SPListItem provided is not compatible with a Publishing […]

Sharepoint Administration

How to troubleshoot memory related issues

In this post I wil how to troubleshoot high CPU usage issues caused by w3wp.exe. Recently, I received a call from Client about the high CPU usage by w3wp.exe. w3wp.exe was consuming 90% of CPU usage. After bit of a research, I came to know that to troubleshoot these kind of issues we need to take a memory dump of the […]


Powershell to start workflow on SharePoint list

Recently, I had to write the powershell script to start the workflow on SharePoint list items. This was proposed a workaround for the problem when items added by the anonymous users was not triggering the workflow sometimes. I proposed to run this powershell to start workflow items on which workflow is not started and scheduled this […]


Unable to preview Nintex workflow

I exported a site workflow and imported in the same site. Made changes to it such as added some new actions and disabled few existing actions. I could successfully save and publish it by giving it a different name than the one which was exported. However, to run this site workflow when i went to ‘Site […]